Keeping your grass greener this autumn


It’s March and we are nearing autumn when the grass starts slowing down its growth and may become dull and parched.

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa have found a way to keep their lawns green and luscious all year round – which is one of the highlights of the property and Gardner Mark Robson, shares his tips on keeping your grass greener in autumn.

Firstly, he says, “Stop fertilizing your lawn excessively, and only fertilize the grass once, usually during autumn when growth is slower”. With large amounts of fertilizer on the grass, this will encourage rapid growth and make the plants more vulnerable to insects, so fertilizing once, will help maintain your grass at a steady growth rate.

Secondly, he says that regular cutting of the lawn is important because it adds a thickness to the grass. “Find your own technique, whether it is small areas every so often, or all in one go. Just remember to change directions each time you use the lawnmower on your lawn,” he adds.

In regards to watering, Robson, says that you should monitor how much rain you are having and judge accordingly. If you have had excessive rain, there is no need to water the garden, however if rain has been scarce, then water once or twice a week in order to give the ground some moisture and ensure your plants do not wilt.

Ideally, grass has to be maintained regularly to ensure it flourishes. “Show your plants a little more love and attention more often and it is most likely to stay greener,” he says.

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