Getting the cake right!


For many brides, the budget is always something that can put a damper on the finer details of your dream day. However, sticking to the budget will help you enjoy the days ahead knowing that you didn’t overspend.

There are some things that cannot be skimped on and those are the venue, food, photographer and of course your wedding dress. But what about the cake? An attraction which is captured in photos, and forms part of the décor? Well, bakers tend to gain a larger income from wedding cake orders, than the ordinary birthday cake orders, as they are able to increase the cost based on the detail, layers and more – they know that this is one very important aspect for a bride. However, getting the cake right, on a budget, can be done!

There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to your cake.

  1. Ask your venues in house banqueting team whether a cake can be incorporated into your wedding package. Some venues have pastry chefs that can supply the cake, and some chefs may help with ideas of alternate wedding cake ideas. Venues such as Granny Mouse Country House & Spa have helped many a bride with their cake dilemmas and have even provided different ideas to match the theme or décor.
  1. If you have any bakers in the family, it may be an option to ask them to make you a cake as a gift for your special day.
  1. Opt for cupcakes instead of tiered cakes. It tends to work out slightly less expensive.
  1. If you do prefer a large, over the top cake, then perhaps make use of it by cutting it up for guests to eat as dessert. That way it won’t go to waste.
  1. Do it yourself. You can make a gorgeous cake for half the cost of ordering through a wedding cake supplier and this works well, especially if you are having a simple or rustic theme. Here is a step by step guide:

What you will need:

5x store bought cake layers.

Butter cream icing in a piping bag

White chocolate, caramel or milk chocolate



Chocolate nuts

Gold or silver edible balls

Donut centres



Caramel popcorn

(Your decoration is your preference and can be adapted to your colour scheme)


An empty plastic squeeze bottle

Edible gold or pearl paint

A spatula

A cake holder

A cake stand

A spinning table used to ice the cake

DIY option – two plastic plates with marbles placed between

Sosatie sticks

How to:

Place one cake layer on the cake stand and pipe butter cream along the edge. Place a second cake layer on top and repeat. When all layers are complete. Stick sosatie sticks in the middle to secure all layers. Pipe butter cream along the sides of the cake and use the spatula to smooth it over.

Melt the chocolate and put it in the squeeze tube or transfer the caramel into the squeeze tube. Then squeeze it over the top and let it drip down the sides.

Place the “sweet” decorations on the top as desired and along the bottom of the cake. You can also add in white roses for romantic effect. You can also take a paint brush and sprinkle some of the edible gold or pearl paint over the sweets and dripped chocolate to give it a regal finish.

Lastly, you will need to clear a large space in the refrigerator to keep it.

There you have it. A cake done right for your wedding!

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