Pregnancy spoils at the Granny Mouse Spa

Need some special time out whilst you are pregnant? Why not indulge in some “me time” at the Camelot Spa at Granny Mouse and take advantage of having a little time to spoil yourself before baby is around and the centre of attention?

The Camelot Spa’s Robyn Lowe says that, unfortunately, many moms-to-be think that a spa is out of bounds whilst expecting. But nothing could be further from the truth and, provided you know what to avoid and work closely with your therapist who knows what’s good for you and your little one, you actually can benefit from a little relaxation and pampering.

The only time that we could advise you to not join us for a spa treatment is if you are “high risk” and have thrombosis, oedema or pre-eclampsia.

To put moms’ minds at rest, she says the things that are best avoided are heat treatments such as saunas, steam baths, jet baths and heated blankets as well as detox body wraps which raise your temperature. Also, it’s best to avoid aromatherapy using essential oils (although gentle citrus oils can be good for you) and reflexology treatments.

That said, indulging in simple treatments like basic massage, facials and manicures and pedicures can go a long way to relieving some of the biggest discomforts of pregnancy including helping to relieve tired muscles and reducing water retention, assisting with circulation and nourishing parched or stretched skin.

Most importantly, enjoying a spa treatment at Granny Mouse will definitely reduce any anxiety and stress and help you to relax and rest. It will also help you to feel beautiful at a time when you are probably struggling with the after effects of hormonal changes, poor sleep, back pain and even temporary weight gain.

Studies have even shown that spa treatments can be even more helpful than you realise. By reducing stress and anxiety and enjoying your treatment with a well-trained therapist who can share your excitement about your new arrival, you can even enjoy some pre-birth bonding time with your little one – and this, according to some experts, not only promotes your maternal feelings but may even help reduce the possibility of post-partum depression.

The Camelot Spa at Granny Mouse offers a variety of safe luxurious spa treatments designed specifically for our extra special pregnant clients. For example, we have a Mummy Mouse Meander 2 hour 30-minute package which is a real spoiler and enables you to enjoy a gentle back, neck and shoulder massage, a Thalgo classic facial and a deluxe pedicure (R1118).

We also encourage you to pick and choose treatments that suit you – you can select any 3 treatments for a 1hr 30 minutes (R798) pamper session or any 4 treatments for a 2 hour pamper session (R924).

Some options include the C Spa Basic facial, hand and foot massage, head and scalp massage (with includes neck and should or back, neck and shoulder massage) and a wide range of manicures and pedicures. Why not try our deluxe pedicure with paraffin which is particularly good for soothing swollen ankles or even an Indian head massage or milk shimmer hydrobath?

And, just in case Dad has forgotten, May is the ideal time to join us as you now most definitely qualify for spoiling on Mother’s Day!

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