#GreenFingers of Granny Mouse Gardens

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa’s Gardens are known for their luscious green lawns all year round, their beautiful flowers and quirky signature features.

Providing a haven of serenity to all guests wishing to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city, the Granny Mouse Gardens boast the hard work and dedication of its very own in-house landscaper, Mark Robson.

Robson became a member of the Granny Mouse team in 2014 and has upheld the beauty of the fauna and flora of the property.

“I’ve always loved the Midlands. Having worked in Zululand and Northern Drakensberg for many years, I yearned to return and when I heard of the opportunity to work at such an established hotel, I jumped at the chance,” he said.

When asked about his favourite season at Granny Mouse he answered, “Every season brings new challenges and delights but Spring has always been my most favourite. When the trees start budding you know it won’t be long before the garden will explode with new growth. The chill will slowly fade from the morning air and the rains are on the way”.

For him, some of the tips he performs in the gardens at Granny Mouse for the upcoming season can also be followed by enthusiastic gardeners at home. He says:

Firstly, because Granny Mouse is in the frost belt, many plants will die back and become dormant. This opens up many areas in the garden and can be a great opportunity to restructure. Bulbs can be thinned out and spread to new areas. Personally, I like to plant together with my winter annuals that don’t require too much watering.

Secondly, hardy shrubs can be planted together to create ornamental hedges to create height and permanent structure to these areas, helping to define your garden and reducing the effect of winter die back. Many shrubs flower in Autumn and Winter, adding another source of colour.

Lastly, grass growth will slow down significantly in the upcoming colder, dry winter months. Regular watering will be required. Due to current drought conditions this can be an issue. Recycled water can be used, such as bath water, as long as the soaps used are not too harsh. A good cover of compost will protect the grass from the cold and provide wonderful nutrients. You can create your own compost using clipping, grass cuttings, vegetable and fruit waste and weeds layered together and allowed time to breakdown sufficiently.

Take these gardening tips to heart and prepare your flower beds for the winter months and make the most of your #GreenFingers.

Please contact Granny Mouse Country House & Spa for more information or to make a booking for the winter season, on +27 33 234 4071 or reservations@grannymouse.co.za.

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