Love, Marriage and Herbs!

Herbs have had a long history symbolizing love and have been included in weddings for many centuries, from ancient Greece, classic Roman times, to middle age European brides and romancing into Victorian eras. Specific herbs apparently created formulas for success in romance and the commitment of marriage.

At Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, using herbs and placing them at centre stage as part of your wedding décor is perfect! Due to our country setting and using what is freely available in our landscape, Sean Granger, General Manager of Granny Mouse, and his wedding coordinating team have a love for wedding day herbs, as they are fragrant, stylish and representational, and the ideas are limitless when using the herb. “Herbs definitely make for lovely table decorations, bridal bouquets and even gifts to give your guests on departure”, he added.

Here are some of our ideas when looking to create features of herbs at your wedding:

  • Rosemary – A definite winner to include in the table décor, lovely in a bouquet!  Another great idea is to make up simple Rosemary wreath place cards for all your guests. Another suggestion would be to include sprigs of Rosemary in your wedding invitation, such a lovely idea to carry the theme through! Just make a note to enquire if any of your guests are allergic to the herb.
  • Lavender – This herb can be incorporated as a bouquet, and will provide a sweet smell while keeping your nerves in check. Also a fabulous idea is to use as confetti, being green to the planet but also filling the room with its gorgeous scent.
  • Potted herbs – There are many brides that don’t really want to have fresh flowers at their weddings, which just end up being thrown in the bin after the event.  Potted plants are eco-friendly, and can also be less expensive overall. You can also offer each of the pots to guests to take home, and this will remind them of the special day they spent with you for months to come.
  • Bay leaves – Bay leaf garlands and long tables, a beautiful combination for a wedding. And when the day becomes night, include with candles to really set the country setting and mood.

The ultimate beauty of incorporating herbs into your wedding décor is that, for the modern bride, herbs add a charming touch of ancient wisdom into the ceremony, they hold up well and dry beautifully so you have a lifelong keepsake. Here’s wishing you a very happy marriage!

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