Let winter grow your roots and shoots


Winter is not an easy time for gardens, as the drop in temperature and presence of chilly winds and ice begin to take their toll on your once spectacular garden. At Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, this certainly rings true as their magnificent gardens feel the pinch of the chilly KwaZulu Natal Midlands winters.

According to head gardener, Mark Robson, winter is a tough time for all gardeners as you watch months of hard work dissolve as plants wither from the cold, however there are some plants that can brighten up your otherwise lifeless garden over the winter period, and it’s not what you’d think.

“When thinking of what to plant, many people don’t think of vegetables, and there are a range of vegetables that one can plant in winter, that will not only survive the winter chill, but can be bought in from the garden to the dining room table. Certain vegetables are ideal to add to your winter garden, which will warm up your garden and chase away the winter blues,” Robson says.

He suggests planting leafy greens and legumes such as cabbages, broccoli, beans and peas. To add some colour, include carrots, turnips or radishes, all of which are hardy enough to last the winter months, and all of which are vegetables that are perfect ingredients for that warm winter stew.

“One must just make sure that the vegetables are planted in a sunny area, as winter days are shorter, and so shade will creep over them quicker. If they have enough daily sunlight, the result will be a thriving winter vegetable garden in no time.” He adds.

Escape the winter gardening blues and plant your own winter vegetable garden today. For advice, contact Mark at Granny Mouse on 033 234 4071

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