Let Granny Mouse get you cooking!

Most of us wish we could cook like cordon bleu chefs, creating mouth-watering meals that make us the envy of every friend, but the reality is that this level of skill evades many of us. Well known for their culinary delights, Granny Mouse County House & Spa provides something a little different for those selecting the Hotel as their gateway or conference venue; amazing cooking classes with a difference!

Following the request of many guests and groups, and the recent fascination with all things culinary, Granny Mouse County House & Spa offers guests three interactive cooking options; a potjie cook-off, the Mouster Chef programme or the Interactive cooking classes.

If you are travelling with a group of six or more, take part in the potjie cook-off, and learn how to perfect this truly South African dish. The process is fairly simple, as the Granny Mouse chefs prepare a meat selection, and create a community table with a variety of spices, starches, vegetables, stocks and everything you could want to include in your potjie. Upon arrival, teams are chosen, the rules are explained, and the cooking begins. Once potjies are complete, the Granny Mouse chefs will be the judges, testing each pot and declaring the winner.

The Granny Mouse Mouster Chef program is ideal for those who can stand the heat in the kitchen! Taking over the Granny Mouse kitchen, teams compete for glory as they each create a pre-selected meal to battle it out for the title of Mouster Chef, under the careful guidance and supervision of Granny Mouse’s experienced chefs.

For those looking for something a little less competitive, interactive cooking classes are also offered, whereby guests are taken on a brief tour, given a safety briefing, and then sent straight onto a menu briefing and cooking! This cooking option is best suited to a group of 2-6 people, as a two course menu is completed, allowing everybody to really get involved. The prepared food is then plated and sent on its way. This is best for people who like cooking for friends and would like to do something completely new or just for somebody wanting to learn the basics.

With food options and offerings like this, it is no wonder that Granny Mouse Country House & Spa is well renowned for its culinary delights. Book your cooking course today by contacting Granny Mouse on 033 234 4071 or email




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