Table décor ideas for an Earth-kind bride

Green has been on trend as the colour of the year in many aspects of the fashion world. Likewise has organic and natural weddings been for the past year. However, the theme and décor of a wedding is all dependent on the bride and groom and their preferences.

For many brides, up cycled wedding décor, plants and lots of greenery have been the order of the day as well as natural timber and minimal fuss is what bride’s tend to be choosing as their preference. Not only is this cost-effective, but it is also friendly for the environment and helps beat the high cost of flowers and décor hire.

Here are some eco-friendly décor ideas provided by the team at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa which is a popular venue for country weddings in the KZN Midlands:

Round table centrepiece ideas:

Potted flora and fauna- For an elegant, simple and overall clean appearance, why not have all-white linen, and incorporate a burst of colour with greenery in the form of potted plants or herbs.

Herbs are inexpensive to have in large quantities and they can be paired with tin, glass and even wood.

Herbs can be placed in glass boxes that show the soil, roots and the bunched green leaves that overflow out the top.

They can also be planted into a tin. The tin can be painted any colour you wish, but it can also be left raw so that the silver colour can be brought in through other décor items.

A table number may also be placed into the soil. Paste a number to a long skewer and place the sharp end into the soil so that the number sticks out of the herbs.

Jars – Jars can be used as candle holders; can be filled with coloured water or clear soda water to create movement on the table, or perhaps just as a vase to hold a simple bunch of flowers or to house lemons or apples, if this fits in with the theme . Glass is a recyclable material and is easy to collect – as we use everyday items such as mayonnaise jars, tomato sauce bottles, gherkins, olives, baby food, etc, and thus they can be easily collected and once used, they can then be recycled.

Cake and sweets – A cake stand housing cupcakes, various pastries, or jars of sweets can have a two-prong use, that of a centrepiece and also, as the dessert. This kind of centrepiece can add colour, create a varied level of height and may also allow social interaction amongst guests.

Trestle or long table centrepiece ideas

Wine bottles – bottles of wine set up in a row can create a different type of centre piece and focal point of the décor and can also be used as the drink for the toast. Wine bottles can also be empty and painted the theme colour or wrapped with string or perhaps rolled in glitter for a glamorous effect. This will create an inexpensive DIY centrepiece and can be paired with flowers, candles and greenery.

Wreath – On trend is a floral or leafy wreath in a circular shape around a glass vase with candles. Branches of leaves placed strategically along the middle of the trestle or placed horizontally along the front of the bridal table, accompanied by candles and glass candle holders are also an idea for eco-friendly table décor.

One may also want to include a boho style wedding wreath that is created with leaves and flowers and suspended from the ceiling over the dance floor or bridal table. One may also want to include circular wreaths hanging at various heights above the table or perhaps behind the bridal table for a gorgeous photo backdrop. Wreaths may also be created using twigs and agile branches combined with flowers and leaves.

In an extract from Joanne O’Sullivan’s book, The New Book of Wedding Flowers. Wreaths also have a symbolic meaning, “Like most wedding traditions, wreaths have a symbolism. Just as wedding rings symbolize eternity, the continuous unbroken circle of the wreath is meant to remind the guests of everlasting love”.

Wooden boxes housing greenery, flowers and more, are also on trend and can be used on any type of table setting. The wooden boxes can be made from wood pallets for a DIY effect.

Ceremony décor

For the chairs at the ceremony, whether indoors or outdoors, it is also best to incorporate the same leaf, herb or flower and ribbon, and attach to the chair arm closest to the aisle, as well as perhaps include this on the wedding arch, if saying your “I do’s” outdoors. Having the same “green” appearance will complete the entire look.


If you have a standard plate setting with a folded napkin, you could insert a herbed wedding favour of Thyme and tie a small note saying, “ Thank you for sharing your Thyme with us”, or perhaps, “ And so our Thyme as Mr & Mrs begins”. If you prefer to give a gift of substance, one could opt for a potted plant favour, or perhaps a small jar of honey with the words, “Meant to Bee, written on it. The variety of eco-friendly gift options is endless and dependent on budget.

For more organic décor ideas and theme options as well as wedding packages available, contact Granny Mouse on 033 234 4071.

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