A “Picture” perfect wedding!

Choosing a wedding venue is the most stressful and crucial part of wedding planning because once you have decided on the wedding venue, all the other details should fall into place.

Ane Du Preez from Granny Mouse Country House & Spa says that throughout her experience in banqueting and wedding planning there are a number of mistakes that couples make. “They fall in love with the beauty of the location and commit to it before thinking about the practical aspects of it. Here at Granny Mouse, we give the couples time to walk through the property, tell them about the benefits of using our location, and if there are any concerns, we try to find a solution for them,” she adds.

Not only should a bride and groom love the venue for the beauty of it, but for the fact that everything can be done with the least amount of hitches. At Granny Mouse, all the major and minor details can be taken care of including setting up the property to fit the wedding theme and photography.

Photography is of utmost importance when it comes to the creation of memories and reliving them time and time again. That is why having a talented photographer to be creative and to get the right shots is a must! Not only is the person behind the camera important, but so is the setting and environment. Granny Mouse offers a range of photography ideas that allow for romance as well as fun and creativity.

Our gardens are one such feature that allows for stunning photographs. They are neat, beautiful, luscious and romantic. There are also other features including our lounges which are warm and give off a “country feel”, if that is what the couple is aiming for. Photographs by the Lion’s River- which is a short walk from the hotel – also offers a unique picture for one’s creative shoot.

The ideas are endless and can be adapted to your desires. But remember location, location, location – making the right choice is what can make your wedding day a positive lifetime memory.

For more information on weddings and how you can have your wedding desires packaged into one cost, contact the banqueting department at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa on 033 234 4071 or banqueting@grannymouse.co.za

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