Embrace your garden going from green to gold in Winter!

The Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands is an area of gentle rolling hills with green farmlands, lovely rivers and streams, and indigenous and commercial forests, as well as a rustic atmosphere. In spring and summer, the hillsides are covered in carpets of green, dotted with abundant wild flowers.

However, during the crispy cold autumn, the leaves and grasslands turn burnt orange and yellow, and during winter, the air is frosty, and sometimes there is even snow. And as we all know, snow came early this year and blanketed the area in white, which made national and international news, bringing droves of visitors to the area.

The area surrounding Granny Mouse Country House & Spa has often been compared to a typical English countryside, with an amazing variety of things to do such as crafts, arts and home industry. This is the perfect place for visitors wishing to take a break from city life, and is just a short drive away from home.

The winters are mostly dry and the grassland changes to gold, but amongst it all are the bright wild flowers which are in such contrast to the winter hues. Most of the flowers are shades of bright orange, bringing warmth and cheer during a cold season. They also feed a variety of birds and other creatures during the tough winter months.

Winter also showcases the many trees without their leaves, highlighting the stems and branches to amazing effect thanks to the drop of temperatures, and creating many piles of gorgeous leaves, which are every shade of yellow, orange and red, and of course, who can forget the stunning array of Aloe species that flower in June and July!

So, if you want to experience the winter “golden” landscape – now is your time to pay a visit to “Granny” in the heart of the Midlands!

Check out www.grannymouse.co.za for our warm winter specials that will embrace you and your pocket!

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