Creating bounty from seed

Whether you want to plant and grow flowers, herbs or vegetables, there are so many benefits to growing from seed, highlights the gardening team at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

Apart from the satisfaction and therapeutic feeling you get from watching them grow, there are many factors to consider when growing from seeds, such as, they are cheaper to buy and are organic.

When buying from seed, make sure you read the instructions and pay attention to the requirements, knowing how much light, water and soil requirements the newbie needs to germinate.

Check whether your seeds prefer to be sown directly in your garden soil or whether they prefer to grow in small containers before being transplanted once they are stronger. This depends hugely on what you are sowing as some need more love and care than others.

If planting in a small container first, you need to make small holes at the bottom of the growing trays and add some compost to start them off. Sow the seed to a depth of 2 to 3 times the size of the seed. Firm the soil around the seed and once germinated transplant into the soil.

Have a good source of heat, light and water to give them all a good start when growing. A great tip to regulate the soil is to cover them with plastic sheeting to keep the moisture in and not dry out.

Remember to water in the early mornings or late afternoons, especially on hot days.

In conclusion, and the team at Granny Mouse can vouch for this, nurturing a plant from a tiny seed to a beautiful garden of blooms, or a table full of fresh produce, provides immense satisfaction and the benefits of growing from seed extends beyond the sense of achievement. You also get to control what is in your food, i.e. no pesticides, making it healthier for you and your environment.

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