Retaining Body Balance this festive season

With summer a few weeks away, warmer days call for bathing suits, shorts, slops, vests and sun dresses, but many don’t feel confident enough to show off their body as the flesh on the hips may have doubled or the tummy may not be as toned, but most of all, one’s body may be tired and in a rut as a result of a stressful year – there are ways to start anew and get back your energy.

For many, winter invites overindulgence, comfort eating, and trips to the gym are almost non-existent. However, summer tends to be the opposite. It is a time when following a diet and exercising tends to be easier. This is likely due to the sun rising earlier, and setting later, leaving more time and opportunity to exercise; which can be done in many different ways. Summer calls for laps in the pool, running on the beach or playing soccer in the backyard and of course, wanting to eat more fruits and lighter foods, which is better for the body.

According to Thalgo products and treatments, if you have ever experienced overexertion, lack of vitality and loss of energy during a diet, this may be the result of a body imbalance and it may be time to speak to your spa therapist or beauty consultant about starting on Thalgo’s L’Océane – a hypertonic marine plasma that is “physically, physiologically and chemically identical to our internal environment and an essential support for cellular life…and provides the body with all the vital energy of the sea”. (

However if you are looking to start a diet or interested in slimming down this season, there are other innovative products offered by Thalgo that may assist you in kick starting your weight loss programme, and will be a great addition to your exercise routine.

Quoting from the Thalgo Marine Food Supplements guide, Yolandi Potgieter of Granny Mouse Spa says, “Through its comprehensive figure-refining range, Thalgo is able to meet the needs of every woman with a personalised corrective solution.”

Try the, I “Kick-start” my weight loss programme which includes the popular product, OCÉA DRAINE Detoxifying. With this particular product and its 100% natural-origin active ingredients, you will feel a sense of well-being. Fennel and artichoke extracts encourage detoxification of the body by helping to drain and eliminate toxins while fucus brown algae helps promote weight loss.

“If you are looking for a product that is natural, and will help you feel your best, this is the product to try. I recommend this product to all my customers and many of them have come back with good feedback,” adds Potgieter. “We currently sell this product for R430.00 and it is a 10 day detox programme,” she concludes. (Price subject to change)

As an added option, Thalgo also offers the SLIM 7 refining drink. This product works well for the human body that has experienced an overload of indulgence, which can be a result of the winter months and the craving of warmer, heartier and sweeter foods that are high in calories and refined sugars.

The SLIM 7 refining drink is a red-berry flavoured blend of active plants and algae that is created for use over a seven day period. Fucus brown algae and guarana are known for their ability to facilitate slimming during a diet; meadowsweet and cherry stem are used to encourage drainage and green tea helps to fight against physical fatigue, helping to restore the body’s energy balance.

Now is the time to take control and give your body a break. Enjoy summer with energy and start the New Year off with a re-balanced body.

Information supplied by Granny Mouse Spa, stockists of Thalgo products.

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