Team building ideas through covid

Since March 2020, it’s been quite a challenging period in South Africa, and across the globe, for both people and the economy.

We have been thrown curveballs from each and every corner and motivation in many is now at an all-time low.

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, and the conferencing team, see that many companies need to try and help break that cycle.

Many businesses during 2020, and into 2021, had to deal with so many changes, as did we in the hospitality industry.

As many companies who have also embraced the full-time, work-from-home policy, it’s also important to still engage with one’s employees. And with that being said, here at Granny Mouse, in the Midlands, is the perfect place for companies to enjoy some unique team building exercises while following strict protocol practices.

We believe that creative exercises can help make the soul smile and bring about some positive memories in these trying times. So why not consider teambuilding for your company, which will assist in increasing productivity and comradery.

Some super awesome ideas that will have you tapping into your creativity while enjoying the fresh clean country air includes:

  • Have a floral arranging workshop, fun for both the women and men in your office. It’s sustainable and super environmentally friendly and you can get to pick some of the flora from our beautiful gardens.
  • For those who always complain that they can kill any plant, what about learning how to plant your own mixed herbs? The team gets a mixture of different herbs, a really colourful pot plus a saucer and potting soil. One can learn how to pot up easily and to maintain this special herb garden, which can then go back to the office or home and hopefully it continues to thrive.
  • Sticking with herbs and plants, what about doing some foraged art, where members of your team can make art with what you find, and finding art in what you see. Find some leaves, sticks, branches and even herbs and create some beautiful shapes and forms or even a picture. Every image will be so different and you can hang on your wall when you are back at the office. Just remember, to respect nature and take what you see growing in abundance and maybe even use weeds that can actually be really beautiful.

The real beauty about this team building exercise is that you end up with a gift that lasts and can all be placed at your office desk or home as a reminder of this amazing experience.

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