Focus on the feet this diabetes month

With November celebrated Diabetes Awareness, it is time to get to know the signs, treatments and care that is needed for a person with Diabetes.

Diabetes is when a person’s blood sugar content is higher than normal, which causes severe thirst and hunger, weight gain, strange weight loss, fatigue, cuts and bruises that do not heal, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

With the high blood sugar levels in the body, it can damage one’s blood vessels, causing bad circulation in the legs and feet. When feet don’t get enough oxygen-rich blood, any sores or cuts that develop may not heal as they should which could lead to gangrene and, eventually, amputation. This is the reality, so it is always best to know the best way to look after yourself or your loved one.

It is vital to note that foot care is essential, especially for someone who has diabetes.

Massages can help with the circulation of blood in those areas; they also help to soften, nourish and look after the skin too – this could help to catch any sores or ulcers early on.

Granny Mouse Spa has a wonderful foot massage treatment, for R289 for 30 minutes, and is situated in such a tranquil, picturesque location, that it helps to set a lovely, relaxed environment.

Not only can a massage treatment assist in caring for one’s feet, but there are a number of tips provided by the Diabetes South Africa website ( to help you look after your feet.

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