End of Summer gardening to-do list

The end of the Summer season is only a month away, but the heat has been turned up and our beautiful gardens are starting to be seriously affected by it. Because we are getting into the hottest month, we at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa want to make sure that you give your garden the chance to stay happy and looking sensational.

During these hot, humid days, make sure you’re still giving your garden a deep watering once a week. This ensures your plants develop deeper, stronger root systems that will keep them healthy through these trying times. However, during really hot weather, you may need to deep-water your plants every five days, rather than every seven days, so keep an eye on those temperatures.

If you have brown wilting sections, now is the time to cut back. Clear away, give a little extra TLC and, of course, water to ensure new growth. Be aware that if you do end up deadheading your plants, you may discourage birds from visiting your yard.

While your garden is growing at a rapid rate, so are the weeds. Many of our gardens will be crowded with them, so it’s a good idea to have a long weeding session. Removing weeds not only improves the look, it can also be beneficial since your plants won’t have to compete with the weeds for sun and water. Of course, we highly recommend you plan your weeding session for the early morning or late evening.

Most plants are already suffering from heat stress or drought conditions, so don’t fertilize as it’s not going to help. If you do add fertilizer to plants that are weakened by heat and drought, you could burn the roots. Instead, focus on giving your plants the water they need and wait to fertilize later in autumn.

With these steps, you’re sure to keep your garden in tip-top shape well into the autumn and winter months.

If you are seeking any inspiration, then head on over to the gardens at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa to see how a garden should be looking in the middle of Summer.

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