Dawn is the best time for your lawn

Summer is the peak growing season for your lawn, which means that it needs some extra attention during this time. Aside from mowing your lawn, you will need to ensure that your lawn gets the right amount of water. You will also need to attend to your lawn’s soil fertility and weed control. By using some simple strategies, you can have a beautiful lawn all summer long!

Tips and tricks to make you the envy of your neighbourhood is always “keep it simple”, says Sean Granger, Granny Mouse Country House & Spa’s General Manager.

Try mowing your lawn at least once a week to keep it “well groomed”. Keep the lawn height at a minimum of 6.5cm – 7.6cm – you can even measure the length of your grass with a ruler to check that you have it at the right height.

It is super important to avoid cutting the grass too short, especially when the weather is very hot. During hot summer days, the lawn has to work extra hard to regrow the shoots so be cognizant of that fact. When mowing, leave the grass cuttings to fertilize your lawn. It’s a great way to ensure that the grass is getting sufficient nutrients to stay healthy and happy.

Remember, try to use rainwater rather than water from the tap. Lawns use up a lot of water, so store in a collection barrel or JoJo tank and use that to water your lawn and your plants. Don’t water after rain, but rather when it has been dry. During dry weather spells, water when it starts to turn yellow and do so in the early morning or evening or early because if it’s hot then it will just evaporate and be a pointless exercise and waste of water.

If you have a weather app, check it regularly to see what the forecast will be and work around that, checking the temperature of the day as well as when rainfall is expected.

Another great idea is to wash your car on your lawn. By doing this, you’ll be able to save water plus you’ll be able to water your lawn and keep it healthy during the hot summer months. If you do hose your car down after the wash, you’ll also be able to splash some water on any surrounding plants.

To keep your lawn healthy use slow releasing fertilizer. Follow the instructions carefully and use one that is easy to apply; sprinkling is the best and least amount of effort.

If you notice weeds sprouting in your grass, get into the garden and dig them up. It’s a far better and safer option than weed killer, as this not only affects the nature in your garden but is also not a good idea if you have children and pets.

Looking after and maintaining a beautiful lawn is a rewarding experience and pastime. The results speak for themselves and are there for all to see.

A grass surface is also one of the safest surfaces for you and your family to enjoy. There are other benefits to having a beautiful lawn – it is believed that standing barefoot on grass is a multi-sensory experience. “It triggers, within us, deeply rooted associations with the smell and sound of nature and the vision of dense greenery”, concluded Granger!

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