Make a wish list this November

November is a month that starts to remind us that we are heading towards summer, but that doesn’t include those hot and sticky humid days…yet! The longer days and shorter nights kick in, gearing us up for the holidays. This season also encourages more time to be spent outdoors, planning our holidays or taking time to find new hobbies.

But, it’s also the point in the final stretch where your energy levels are low and you just fall into a bit of a slump.

But don’t stress, as we all go through it. And there are ways to get around it.

Here are some tips to get to that end-game of “fun in the sun”:-

  • If you are fortunate to have some leave in December, make a list of what your ideal summer holiday is going to be like. Your “to do list” could be a schedule where you can plan your days in advance and pace yourself. The list could include categories, ie home activities, outdoor activities, things that are free to do, and those that cost some money.
  • Try some physical exercise or activity, maybe learn how to paint, or grab that book you have so wanted to read. The best, and if possible, unplug from everything electronic and take a breather (even if it is just for an hour during the day).
  • If you have spare cash, get a makeover! It could be a new haircut, new makeup or even a summer wardrobe.
  • You’re most certainly not alone in this end of year slump. So plan a get together or have a braai, organize a girls’ night out, get some wine and enjoy some cheesy movies. Lean on each other and it will all be alright. And while you’re at it, have some fun!
  • If food is your thing and you know that helps with the stress, make a list of the amazing dishes you want to try, whether it be sweet, savoury, exciting snacks and the likes, get excited with the things you are going to try.
  • When making your list, why not plan something a little different, and leave the city behind and head off to the Midlands to Granny Mouse Country House & Spa? Whether it’s just you, you and a partner, or a group of you, just celebrate life and remind yourself there is a world that exists outside of your possible stressed out state in the city. The “Mouse Team” will certainly pamper to your needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a planner or not, just ensure that you enjoy this time with family and friends and make the most of your time off. Remember, being well-rested means there is nothing wrong with taking a day (or two) for yourself. Be flexible and allow yourself the time and space to relax!


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