Rock the Bridesmaid frock!

When it comes to picking out the best bridesmaid dresses, it can be easy to fall into the trap of those shiny, creasy-style 80’s dresses.

Many brides think that it’s all just about their gown, but remember you are in many of the pictures together and the looks should complement each other. Granny Mouse Country House & Spa have hosted many a spectacular wedding, and know that the looks should always harmonize and make it unforgettable in the pictures and, of course, memories for all.

So, skip the cheesy puffy or long flowing dresses which are exactly the same colour and style, and look at amazing designs which can be simple and that your bridesmaids would love to wear again.

There is no hard and fast rule. You may be a bit of a rebel and love some rock n roll, so what about adding leather jackets to the dresses, especially if you know the weather is going to be a bit fresh. It is a great look and can be worn for years after.

If you are boho, country pumpkin, and bohemian at heart, and your bridesmaids don’t love wearing dresses, then what about a jump suit or pant suit, which will be so comfortable while they move around on the day. Wearing a classy jumpsuit is a great option, super comfy and, again, can be worn post wedding day. It’s a very fashion-forward option that’s also a breeze to wear. There are so many ways to style the jumpsuit; it’s a piece you can have fun with and afterwards, why not rock it with a denim jacket.

Who says bridesmaids have to look entirely identical? Another super idea is to include different shades or textures, as long as they share the same mood. Let your bridesmaids experiment – it will come out so well put together and also ensure it suits their respective body shape!

If you feel brave and trust your bridesmaids, let them chose their own dresses and let their personality shine though. It can create a truly unique look, having your bridesmaids choose their own dresses and let their personality shine. You’ll end up with an array of colourful bridesmaids and wonderful looking pictures as well. Just remember to plan ahead and know what they will be wearing before the big day.

Another unique option, that is not necessarily for everyone, but does pop up every so often, amongst the younger, hipper group – a bridesmaid suit. They can certainly make any wedding party look super chic. Of course, traditionally grooms and groomsmen wear suits, however, it is 2022, and so what’s to stop bridesmaids from wearing suits as well.

Good luck with choosing the bridesmaids ensembles, which can be everything and anything you want it to be. For any wedding assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the “Mouse House” wedding coordinators, who are on hand to provide any tips and solutions to your upcoming nuptials.

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