Develop a lifestyle for Wellness activities!

Wellness is a very important aspect of living your best life and we, at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, know that it’s not only important to take time to pamper yourself and take time off for mental relaxation at our spa with treatments of a massage, manicure and a facial, but also follow some logical wellness tips which are easy to do but make a huge impact on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Granny Mouse’s General Manager, Sean Granger, shares some of the spa’s tips on doing just that:

  • First things first, pollution especially traffic and urban living is a health and wellness hazard. If you can, try and keep your outdoor exercise out of drive times as it will defeat the objective – also try and keep lots of greenery around you to help with providing you with clean air, as this makes a huge difference! The best thing is to take time out in the country as often as you and get away from smog and city pollution, and we have just the place, right here in the midlands!
  • Stress is a big thing, and ways in reducing stress is to laugh, do things that make you happy, getting valuable “you time” and thinking positive thoughts and developing those thought patterns on a daily basis. Stay away from negative people where ever and whenever possible.
  • Keep those pearly whites white by brushing as often as you can, helps when you laugh out loud and keep a cheerful demeanor.
  • Being kind also helps with your wellness, as well as paying it forward, making someone else engage in a positive mental outlook and providing them with happiness.
  • Stick to a good sleep pattern and make sure you take time to rest. Sleep helps with immune function and restores metabolic balance. It certainly helps you with having effective mental capacity for the next day.
  • Hard core exercise is not for everyone, however that doesn’t give you an excuse not to be active. Instead of taking the escalator or elevator rather take the stairs. Through movement, we can overcome loss of energy and relieve stress by getting those endorphins up. Exercise also helps to build stamina.
  • What you eat and drink also helps with positive vibes. It’s obvious that fried and fatty foods are not healthy for you and a great tip is when making meals try incorporating all five basic food groups.
  • Alcohol is also one to watch; try being mindful by allowing your body to detox, as excessive drinking can lower your immune system as well as be a depressant. Instead of having a tipple, try and drink water. Keep a bottle of water at an arm’s reach and make it a habit to drink at least one litre a day. If you are not a lover of water, rather hydrate yourself by making vegetable or fruit smoothies, which are full of healthy vitamins too.
  • Be creative, whether you like experimenting in the kitchen or making things, this certainly goes a long way to clearing your mind and helps make you happy.

Visit Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, and enjoy some leisurely exercise by walking our gardens, eating healthy beautiful meals as well as enjoying a well-deserved spa treatment or two.

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