Spa etiquette tips from Granny Mouse

We take it for granted that everyone has experienced a spa at least once in their lives! For first timers and those who find themselves in a spa only occasionally, the Granny Mouse Country House and Spa team have formulated some tips on spa etiquette. This will help put you at ease whilst also ensuring that others who may also be sharing the spa can enjoy their treatments.

  1. Turn off your cell phone: To truly enjoy the experience, don’t bring your cell phone. If you absolutely have to, switch it off. It totally defeats the object of relaxing if you keep answering calls, checking WhatsApp’s or sending messages. It is also distracting for others who are enjoying their time out.
  1. Arrive on time: You have booked your appointment, so try get there a few minutes earlier so you can change into your robe and ease into your choice of treatment/s without being flustered. This also means that therapists aren’t forced to hurry your session.
  1. Shower before using the facilities: This is spa etiquette. For hygiene reasons, it is always a good idea to take a quick shower to rinse off products, sweat, and dirt before using the hydrotherapy and spa facilities.
  1. Speak up about what you want: Comfort is paramount so, if you are having a massage, let us know how to make sure that nothing is irritating or upsetting you. At the outset, we’ll ask you how much pressure you would like – deep, harder massage or softer? If you would like the background music softer, ask our therapist to turn it down from the outset. If you are feeling too warm or cold, let us know so that we can adjust the air conditioning or give you a warmer blanket.
  1. The big nudity question: Keep your knickers on and remember only the part of the body being massaged is exposed. The rest of you will be covered with a sheet at all times. If you’re just starting out and have some anxieties about being massaged by a stranger, ask the receptionist about treatments where you can keep your clothes on. If a massage makes you feel uncomfortable, enjoy a facial where you can keep your robe on if you wish.Another tip if you are having more than more treatment, for example if you have two, have the massage before your facial.
  1. Talking during treatments: Observe the quiet areas. It is polite to refrain from talking while other spa users may be resting, sleeping or unwinding. We all relax in different ways and, if you are at the spa with your group of besties, try use your “spa voice”, keeping the volume and the giggles down.
    When having a treatment, it’s definitely up to you if you want to talk during the treatment or not. We follow your lead. In general, try to use that quiet “spa voice” when you talk anywhere in the spa.
  1. Tipping your therapist: Leaving a tip is at your sole discretion, but it is common practice in South Africa, very much like tipping your hairdresser. The current industry norm is between 10 and 15%.

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