Plan the perfect Spring wedding at Granny Mouse

With spring in the air in September – this is the ideal time for new beginnings, fresh starts and plenty of pretty flowers. Of course, that means it’s also the perfect month for a stunning spring wedding at Granny Mouse where you can fill our chapel with beautiful flowers and decorate tables with anything from beautiful wild flowers and blossoms to more formal roses and lilies.

The season translates perfectly into the world of wedding decor because we already associate it with pastel palettes—think pinks, lilacs, whites, baby blues. It’s also the time of year to go for the ultimate cute country feel – think bunnies, butterflies and new born chicks.

If you’re a couple that is keen to create the ultimate springtime country wedding at a beautiful venue like Granny Mouse, then keep reading for our ultimate guide to spring wedding ideas:

If you’ve dreamt of a garden wedding party, spring is the time to make this a reality and Granny Mouse with its beautiful hills and gardens the ideal setting. You can keep things formal or let the countryside dictate and let nature play a more informal part with beautiful things like birds, butterflies and even eggs featuring through your overall theme as well as invitations and dress.

Remember that, in the Midlands, spring is the season of compromise. You can enjoy warm balmy days and nippy evenings or even catch a late cold snap or the first summer rains. That means, with the help of our Granny Mouse wedding team, it is always good to have a plan B to fall back on.

Make sure that the bride and bridesmaids have a warm shawl on hand in case of an unexpected nip in the air. If rain is a possibility, consider a cheeky touch with monogrammed rain boots concealed under long bridesmaid dresses…or even clear or matching umbrellas that aren’t just practical but make for cute photos, too.

If you are celebrating outside and have a warm evening, be sure to offer guests bug repellant which can be cleverly hidden in baskets that are strategically placed – an imaginative way to ensure your guests’ comfort whilst concealing those otherwise unsightly bottles and cans.

Because spring is positioned between winter and summer, you have far more opportunity to play around with colour. In early spring, you can still opt for the more moody blues and grays that echo stormy skies. Mid to late spring and you can lighten up a bit, asking the gents to don lighter weight and lighter coloured (think greys) suits to perfectly offset pastel gowns and romantic wedding dresses made from lace, tulle or even feathers.

If you’d like to do something even more cheeky and countrified, you can go “no jackets”, roll up those sleeves and go for braces or suspenders and bowler hats – and even takkies! Bridesmaids can carry baskets of flowers and flower girls holding baskets of rose petals to toss at the happy couple.

Our team at Granny Mouse is certainly looking forward to celebrating spring with our happy couples as we help plan an unforgettable spring celebration that will come complete with the most beautiful location for photographs as well as meals packed with fresh springtime ingredients sourced from local farmers.

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