Culinary Artist Theo Mannie put to the test at Liberty Mall #LoveLocal Festival

This past weekend saw Granny Mouse Country House & Spa Culinary Artist Theo Mannie’s skills put to the test at Liberty Mall’s #LoveLocal Festival, as he went head to head with Fordoun Executive Chef, Lorenzo Giliomee, in a mystery basket cook off.

Hosted at Liberty Midlands Mall, the festival aimed to celebrating all things local from their Artisanal Marketplace, to the Flower Showcase, and “I love my mall,” Hand Wall and the local chef’s theatre.

Equipped with nothing but their skill, some kitchen utensils, and a few stock pantry items like salt, pepper, butter, mustard, crushed garlic and spices, both participating chefs were presented with the same basket of mystery food items, and given 10 minutes to think about what dish they would prepare.

The mystery basket ingredients included chicken breasts, bacon, mozzarella cheese, Rosa tomatoes, a lemon, garlic and cos lettuce, from which both chefs prepared amazing dishes that had the audience glued to the show.

Aided by the ECR Drive Time duo of Bongnai Mtolo and Mags Westerhof, who competed in the cook-off on opposite sides, the banter was possibly hotter than the stoves, as both the chefs put the jocks to the test, and really getting them involved in the preparation and cooking process.

According to Mannie, “this was really such a fun event! I have always loved playing around with ingredients, and seldom follow recipes, so a mystery basket cook-off is right up my alley, allowing me to expand on my skills and knowledge to see what I can come up with, that is amazing to look at, as well as to eat.”

Despite the fact that the audience judged the competition as a draw, with a select few audience members being selected to come forward and taste both dishes, the event was certainly enjoyed by everyone.

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