Conference in the Country and get 10% off!

Escaping to the country for your next conference can be a breath of fresh air for a number of reasons, and if you book in the months of March to September, you’ll pay 10% less!

Whether your conference lasts a single day or even several days, Granny Mouse has well-equipped conference and meeting rooms that will be a major improvement on that same old boardroom.

Not only will a break in the Midlands minimize those irritating distractions, but it will also enhance both innovation and creativity. By investing that little bit extra in your employees, you will not only show them that you value them and their contributions, but encourage them to take the entire event that little bit more seriously.

Did you know that there’s an important psychological dimension when it comes to getting away from the hum drum and the mundane? When people gather in the same place that they usually meet, they tend to choose the same seats and stare out the same windows. Employees easily slip into their comfort zones and roles within the company hierarchy and seldom ‘think out of the box’.

By creating a richer and more inspiring experience, there’s a good chance that everyone will not only remember their discussions better but be more inclined to implement them when they are back at their desks.

If you’re also working on training and personal development, a country setting which emphasises growth within a peaceful natural setting can help people to focus on tackling challenges that they wouldn’t ordinarily take on. When people are asked to do a lot of thinking, to reflect on the bigger picture and to imagine new approaches and responses to common problems, Granny Mouse can offer the perfect backdrop.

Outside the office, people also tend to see each other differently or relate to each other differently. The boss in a pair of jeans or the human resources manager without her heels are that much more approachable making breaking down barriers and problem solving that much easier.

For your next conference, book at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, and take advantage of the discount on offer. Chat to us about our range of conferencing options and we’ll provide plenty of advice and ideas for a conference to remember. Contact us on 033 234 4071.

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