An Eco-friendly Christmas – Using your garden to dress your Christmas table

If Christmas is your favourite time of the year and you revel at the idea of being the host, then decorating the table should be at the top of your list after food and presents.

With recycling, up cycling and eco-friendly being relevant words in today’s society, why not embrace the idea of going “green” for your Christmas décor this year by making use of your garden and other natural materials.

Here are some ideas to help you gain inspiration:




Instead of a bought wreath which can cost a hefty amount, why not select some leafy branches from the garden and make it yourself.


  • Use a piece of cardboard from a box (about 50cm on all sides) and lay a large dinner plate down onto the cardboard and draw around it. Then take a ruler and measure about 6cm from the drawn line and then draw another circle around the first one (so there will be a 6cm gap between the two lines). Cut it out. This will act as the base from which you will work.
  • Select the foliage from the garden you wish to use and the lay the foliage along the circular ring. Tie with clear gut. Continue the process.
  • At the end, when you are securing the final piece of foliage, ensure that you create a loop as a hook, and then tie to secure.
  •  Hang where desired.

A wreath may be used as both hanging décor or as decoration for the table, which can be laid in the centre of the table with different sized candles placed in the centre of the ring. Candles are also an eco-friendly source of light, however for longer lasting light, you may want to purchase led string lighting which gives the décor a magical feel.

Wrapping paper:

Why not create your own wrapping paper using blank newspaper often found inside local newspapers that house advertisements.

Draw Christmas images on the paper or perhaps dip a stamp into paint and stamp the paper in different places.

Another idea is to use twine around the plain paper, securing it with a leaf or pine cone as decoration, to add a raw, natural effect.

Table décor:

There are a number of ways to create a centrepiece for your table, depending on the shape and size.

If you have a standard rectangular table, here are three different ways to decorate it using your garden.

1 – Use up cycled painted wine bottles and alternate the levels to create height and character. Tie a pine cone to the spout of each of the bottles to create a Christmas look or perhaps lay the pine cones all over the centre of the table.

2 – Fresh flowers in a vase individually on a circular table or multiplied along a trestle table is also a simple décor idea from your garden.

3 – Christmas tree baubles stacked in a vase alternated with leaves from the garden is also simple, yet effective and can be colour coded to match the theme.

4 – Potted plants can also be placed along a trestle table as décor. Quick and easy.

Christmas tree decorations:










Photo: Pinterest

Create little tree decorations by cutting a triangular tree shape out of cardboard and punching a hole in the top.

Tie a piece of string or gut and create a hoop.

Apply wood glue to the one side of the tree and stick down broken leaves like mosaic, or perhaps gather small branches and cut them to size – from short to long. Lay the small branches horizontally under one another and stick down.

Hang on the tree.

The list of eco-friendly decorations and ideas are endless. If you are able to recycle it or grow it, there is a way for it to be incorporated into your Christmas trimmings.

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