African skin treatments

Summer is here and among the most common types of skin concerns arise in areas where there is warmer weather.

Higher temperatures almost always mean that the skin will be exposed to UV rays, humidity and more, causing the skin to sweat, and produce a larger amount of oil.

An oversupply of oil leads to the pores becoming blocked and dreadful zits and blemishes cropping up as a result.

The African climate is a harsh one and in order to prevent or manage any skin concern, one can take steps to care for one’s skin.

For oily skin:

Oily skin almost always produced blemishes. Use a gel cleanser, oil-free products and mattifying, pore-minimising moisturiser.

Carry blot cloths with you at all times to pat away any shine/oil.

Remove makeup correctly with a makeup remover and cotton pads, and follow a strict cleansing routine, remembering to tone. Natural ingredients that can assist in your routine include aloe vera, tea tree and lemon extract.

For dry/dehydrated skin

For skin that is in need of hydration, stick to rich, creamy and nourishing ingredients such as rose water, rooibos, Shea butter, coconut oil and the likes.

When selecting a treatment at the salon, decide on which area of the body you would like to focus on.

For the face – a facial is the obvious option and certain spa-related brands have created products specifically designed for skin problems.

Since 1964, Thalgo has recognised the benefits and potential of the sea to develop beauty products, treatments and nutritional supplements. Marine algae is at the heart of Thalgo’s success.

For oily or combination skin, one could try a Thalgo Algae facial, an intense treatment that is deep cleansing and purifying. It promotes cleaner skin, with a tighter skin surface and less visible pores.

For dry skin, one could try the Absolute Hydration Range with a Thalgo Source Marine Hydrating Facial. This facial features the marine ingredient Seve Marine which combats signs of dehydration, leaving the skin softer with improved skin texture.

Thalgo products are available at specific spas, and are also incorporated into specific treatments at these spas. Find your nearest by visiting or alternatively call 033 234 4071 or email to book at the Granny Mouse Spa at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa who not only offer Thalgo products, but Thalgo treatments sure to suit your every need.

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