Granny Mouse welcomes new green finger guru!

Willam-Brown-Garden-&-Grounds-Manager-1Granny Mouse Country House & Spa’s Gardens are known for their luscious green lawns at any time of the year.

To ensure they maintain their gorgeous appearance, they have welcomed a new staff member who has joined as the Horticulture Specialist/Gardener, to ensure the gardens always look their best.

Having started a mere 5 months ago, William Brown, says that he most enjoys waking up every morning and getting busy with what he loves to do. “Not everybody has the luxury of doing a job they love,” he said.

For Brown, Horticulture was not always his dream, but due to growing up on a farm, he constantly gardened from a young age, and over time, gardening developed as his passion.

“At both primary and high school I studied Horticulture as a subject. Each of us learners had a piece of land at our school where we learned how to cultivate the soil and plants,” he added.

There is much to like about the country garden at Granny Mouse, but according to Brown the one thing he most loves about the Granny Mouse Gardens, is the fact that he is responsible for making it one of the most prestigious gardens on the Midlands Meander.

With his vast knowledge of both fauna and flora, when asked about his favourite bloom, he commented that he has many favourites, but the Rose always has a special place in his heart. “They have such variation in flower form and structure. They are amongst the most versatile of all garden plants. They have symbolic versatility due to its representation of different things to different people, from love, to passion, to suffering, friendship and more,” he said.

Not only does this garden guru have a love for gardening but he also constantly strives to better his skills. Together with his wife, Brown won an award at the Vroue Landbouvereniging van Kaapland (VLVK/CWAA), in 1996, for the best-kept garden in town. He has since then not entered any further competitions, but rather focusses his time on perfecting the landscaping and management of the gardens he is able to work on. For him, the most tangible award is when his gardens are healthy and in good shape.

When Brown is not in the garden he is spending time with his wife, with whom he celebrates 34 years of marriage, as well as his 3 daughters, sons-in-law and 6 wonderful grandchildren- some of whom share his love for the garden.

For more information or to view the Granny Mouse gardens personally, book your next stay by contacting 033 234 4071

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