Simple and fuss-free party favours straight from the garden!

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Rustic, Shabby chic, whimsical and simple are words that tend to don the wedding trends list this year.

Apart from weddings, any special occasion may need a favour to thank guests for showing up and sharing the moment with you.

If you are an eco-friendly lover or just wanting to give a useful gift to your guests, why not keep within a minimal budget and abide by the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” Not only are you thinking about your pocket, but the environment as well. This can be done by stepping into your garden.

First things first, chose an item from the garden which you think would make an authentic party favour and go with it, or better yet, visit your local nursery. Possible selection suggestions include a hard wearing flower such as a cactus or any type of mini succulent or herbs that can be planted in a small pot plant, mini metal bucket, glass jar, a DIY paper or cardboard container or even covered in hessian and tied with a piece of yarn or string.

The method is so simple:

  1. Take the plant out of the container if bought from the nursery  or carefully cut a section out of your garden and set aside.
  2. Fill your chosen container with potting soil and then add in your plant, patting it down to compact the plant against the soil.
  1. Decorate your container by placing a personalised sticker on the outside or attaching a label with string or ribbon around the container. Another option is to punch a hole in the paper or cardboard option and thread a piece of string through and attach a label.

In 3 easy-to-do steps, you will have a rustic party favour that your guests can use – whether it is for table decoration, in their own garden or simple office desk greenery. Plus, if you are looking at simplistic décor for your occasion, use this party favour as part of your table decoration.


Article courtesy of the Granny Mouse Country House & Spa team.

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