Let the kids get their “green fingers on” this festive season!


Use fun features in the garden like colourful signs, garden spinners and more


Get the kids involved in making bird-feeders for the garden, like this one made from wood and plastic recycled materials.

With the festive season in full swing, many parents are thinking up different ways of keeping the kids entertained without sitting them on the front side of a TV screen.

With the year starting to wind down and the holidays fast approaching, families are finding they have spare time to spend together.

If the weather is warm, instead of keeping the kids indoors, why not get your garden gloves on and hand the kids a watering can and garden fork, and get them to help spruce up the garden.

Parents can make gardening fun by allowing children to choose where to plant new flowers, letting them paint rocks to help place creatively in the garden and even make a recycled bird-feeder.

Bird-feeders are a great way to attract life to your garden and lets the kids feel a sense of accomplishment in seeing the finished product as well as doing their part for the environment by being “recycle conscious”.

There are many ideas for bird-feeders using recycled products from using plastic bottles, cardboard milk cartons, plastic yoghurt containers, wooden spoons, tins, egg boxes, toilet roll holders – the list is endless and up to each parents’ discretion.

With stunning gardens and an array of bird life for over 30 years, Granny Mouse Country House & Spa in the KZN Midlands welcomes the idea of imparting gardening knowledge to those wanting to know how they get luscious lawns and beautiful gardens all year round. Granny Mouse Gardener, Mark Robson, says, “When you have spare time, especially during the hot summer months ensure that you water your garden regularly. I also suggest adding something creative like a bird-feeder or fun signs in the garden to create life to a dull garden.”

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