Granny Mouse’s staff are just as important as their guests


The hotel industry is perhaps one of the toughest environments in which to work, with high levels of customer service required as a key fundamental to overall success. No more is this true, than in the South African context, as hotels vie for business in an ever- tightening economy, faced with constantly changing competition and increasing pressure to push for business.

It is for this very reason that one hotel, Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, has embarked on a life-coaching programme. Implemented in 2014, and open to all members of staff, on a voluntary basis, the key to the programme lies in exploring the challenges of the work-life balance.

Staff are afforded the opportunity, once a month, to partake in individual sessions, paid for by Granny Mouse, to discuss various elements of their work and home life, which includes discussing any problematic areas in the hope of finding a working solution. These confidential sessions assist in guiding staff in the right directions and offering sound advice to real world problems.

According to General Manager, Sean Granger, “having a happy staff compliment is imperative to our operations, as good customer service relies on fulfilled staff, and that is one of the primary reasons that we are committed to this process. When one of our team isn’t coping well, then it affects the entire team dynamic. We are thrilled that the staff have embraced the programme so well.”

With programmes such as this running with such success at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, it is little wonder why the hotel has been so immensely successful over its 30-year operation.

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