Doing it themselves at Granny Mouse!

Eccentricity, originality and quirkiness are all in a day’s glance in the outdoors at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

Amongst the beautiful gardens that boast a number of flora – over 45 types – including Zantedescia (Arum lily), Hydrandea, Chinese Anenomy, Camellia, Agapanthus, Heliborus, Day lilies, Verbascum, Geranium, Felicia, Juncus, Iris Japonicus, to name a few, that lie nestled amongst the luscious green hedges and lawns, it is clear that much effort and thought has gone into the layout, design and gardening from the staff who take special care of their little petals and plants.

Take a walk along the pathways with the towering trees and fragrant buds and capture the fun DIY features scattered around the property. Included in these features is a fireplace turned water feature, a water feature created out of corrugated iron and taps and a pond at the reception area – where unconventional taps feed the water through.

“I wanted to create that DIY effect that makes a hotel feel like home,” said Gill Bowmaker – managing owner of the establishment.

The number of skilled landscapers over the 30 years Granny Mouse has been running, that have worked closely with management to create a wonderland in the outdoors, and perhaps the most fun element of this development was to create something wild and different using natural materials that could really make a statement on the property.

The idea of having each water feature in its specific place is to capture the sound of water running throughout the hotel – simulating that of the Lion’s River which runs on the one side of the hotel. “We wanted to ensure that all guests get the sound of the river not matter which room they stay in,” Bowmaker added.

As you seek out these water features, it becomes evident that even the most novice of DIY can learn a thing or two about creating a unique, natural and funky water feature through the redeployment of everyday items.

water feature _IMG6794

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