Granny Mouse takes wine tasting to an entirely new level!

Whether at a wine estate or a wine event, many of us have attended wine tastings – where you’ve swirled the wine around the glass, sniffed in the aromas and sipped your wine of choice, savouring the taste. But the team at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa will truly upend anything you thought about wine tasting.

Just one of the many on-site pairing opportunities, Granny Mouse offers a Mousse and Wine Pairing, which is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Prior to your first sip of wine, your host will take you through exactly how the tasting will work and chat about the different areas where tastebuds are located, to ensure that your overall experience is as the team anticipates.

Starting off this delectable tasting is a Hartenberg Riesling, paired with an Apple Mousse. Taking a small sip of the wine and swirling it around your mouth for five to six seconds, allows the wine enough time to reach each and every taste bud, from your lips to the very back of your throat. Regarded as one of the most versatile of all wines, Riesling is the perfect partner to just about any type of food. However, after three to four spoons of the Apple Mousse, the second taste of the wine changed considerably and, depending on the varied tastebuds of those at your table, it can turn from a sweet wine to something somewhat more tart, thanks to the flavours of the Apple Mousse.

The second course consists of a Cederberg Bukatraube, which, with prominent muscat flavours and apricot and floral notes, offers an explosion of aroma and flavour, and is paired with a Berry Mousse. The same process is followed – one takes a sip of this wine, followed by three to four spoons of the Mousse and, depending on your tastebuds, the flavour post-food alters significantly.

Last, but not least, was a red wine, Tamboerskloof Syrah, paired with a Chocolate Mousse.

Crimson in colour, the nose of this wine is rich with red berries, black pepper and cloves, and has been known to leave a lingering spicy aftertaste. However, after the combination of the Chocolate Mousse, felt less spicy and more full-bodied.

If you’re looking for a wine tasting that will surpass anything you have tried before, then it’s waiting for you at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa. Contact their team today, or visit their website,, for more information about booking this spectacular tasting.

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