Putting A “Veggie” Spring In Your Step!

It’s time to put those green fingers to work and look at growing your own food. This will not only save you money, but should we ever experience another crisis like we did in July, you don’t have to run out to hunt for basic foods, as you will already be on the path of self-sufficiency, advises Sean Granger, General Manager of Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

September kick-starts Spring, bringing about good weather which will allow us to enjoy longer days and some much needed Vitamin D to help keep us healthy.

And because our KwaZulu-Natal weather is so favourable, these are the best seedlings to plant and can be added to salads, meals or to snack on – beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, mealies, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, tomato, brinjal, pumpkin, potatoes and watermelon. Also, don’t forget to plant some herbs to add flavour to all these culinary delights.

Vegetable gardening is an exciting project, and the results far exceed the effort involved.

But before planting your favourites, be sure to visit your nursery to get good organic products and advice. Also, ensure you find the right spot, and try not to plant in an area that is like a wind tunnel – maybe invest in a wind breaker if you know it gets super windy!

Another consideration when planting is to be sure to space them out well if you are planting directly into the ground. If you decide to plant in plots or containers, then cucumbers, brinjals and tomatoes will definitely thrive and, for a novice, will be much easier to maintain.

Maintenance is key, so be sure to remember these tips when planting:

  • The sun is very important for your plants and this takes you back to high school biology where photosynthesis ensures your plants grow healthy.
  • Remember to water your “veggie babies” while they grow, and regularly at that!

Make sure you weed the area and remember, patience is key – it will take a time to see results, but it will be so rewarding once you start to see your veggies grow. And if you lose some in the process, it will be ok. Don’t give up!

While your vegetables are thriving, try and include some herbs into your planting process, as there are some herbs that can grow symbiotically with certain vegetables and or fruits. Herbs are not only grown for their culinary, cosmetic and medicinal properties, but also for their versatile and often decorative qualities in the landscape. Herbs combine well with vegetables, encouraging healthy growth and discouraging pests.

’So get out there and enjoy time spent in the garden this Spring and before long you may be totally hooked,” adds Granger.

Inspired: https://www.seedsforafrica.co.za/pages/kwazulu-natal-vegetable-planting-chart


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