Treating winter skin dryness

As we hit autumn and start to prepare for the winter months, it is important to recognise that not only the hot climate can have a detrimental effect on the skin.

On the one hand, hot and humid can lead to sun damage, eczema breakouts and over-oily skin that leads to acne and on the other, dry and colder climates, as well as wind, can lead to itchy dry patches, flakiness, red and even dehydrated skin.

In South Africa, we get extremes of hot and cold weather, but even though the weather is cold, it is always wise to put on sunscreen as there is always exposure to sunlight which causes ageing.

Always remember! Not only do you have to look after your skin, but you should also be aware of your lips, ears and eyes as they may also be affected.

One can try at-home remedies to combat dry skin in the winter months by starting with the elimination of extra hot showers and harsh cleansers. Opt for a luke warm shower and use a cream or oil based body wash or soap bar to help keep retain moisture and then apply moisturiser on your skin after towel drying.

Exfoliation is also beneficial to the skin as it helps get rid of dead skin cells. This will help your skin to appear smoother and make way for the moisturiser to be more effectively absorbed.

In addition, don’t forget to change your cleanser. These should be changed every season to match your needs.

If your face is your main priority, then you may also want to indulge in a DIY mask once a week using naturally moisturising ingredients such as honey, avocado, various oils such as jojoba and almond, to name a few.

Hydration is also best achieved through a thorough moisturisation-based spa treatment.

Iska Bharath, the Trainer & Operations Consultant for Camelot Spa in KZN, who looks after the management of the Granny Mouse Spa, gives some advice to those who are looking to receive specific spa treatments, instead of doing it themselves.

“We have specific treatments that deal with hydration, especially in the winter months. For facial skin, we promote both the Thalgo Source Marine – Hydrating Facial which is suitable for any skin type but will combat the signs of dehydration leaving the skin softer with an improved texture; as well as the CSpa Hydrating Facial that hydrates and balances the skin. This treatment includes essential oils to hydrate, soften and rejuvenate the skin. This is a popular choice amongst many customers. For the body we suggest the CSpa Hydrating wrap which includes an exfoliation which helps you unwind, followed by the hydration treatment using neroli and vanilla essential oils that cocoon the body for ultimate effect,” she advises.

So if you prefer to feel hydrated in a calming environment with fully trained therapists to ensure you receive the best hydration, make a booking by emailing

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