Creative nails to fit the season at Granny Mouse Spa!

The Granny Mouse Spa have added a new feature this season.

As winter draws in, the Granny Mouse Spa team will be ensuring guests feel a warm welcome with the introduction of nail art to keep in line with current fashion trends.

Nail art is charged per nail and includes Acrylic Paint, diamante’, and nail stripping, amongst other detailed designs.

Apart from the nail art service offered, there are a number of hand and foot treatments available at the Granny Mouse Spa including a Deluxe Manicure, Express Manicure, Deluxe Pedicure, Express Pedicure, Medi Heel add on Treatment, as well as extras including additional Paraffin treatment, Re-Varnish and French Add. There is also the application of Gel Colour as well as soak off. (Rates vary and available upon request and start from R260)

In salon products for nail treatments are of the highest quality. Morgan Taylor has been introduced as the nail care brand at Granny Mouse Spa and provides a gorgeous finish to any nail creation.

In terms of styling the nail there are many new trends that have recently “nailed” the market and according to the management of Granny Mouse Spa, Camelot, they are tending to lean towards more pastel colours, nudes and warm colours – like that of coral, pink, brown and khaki.

When making the decision to get ones nails treated, some advice from the Granny Mouse Spa nail technicians before ones visit are as follows:

  1. Before visiting your salon: Check your nail beds for cuts or irritation. Nails cannot be treated until this has healed.
  2. Do not touch the cuticles: These folds of skin protect your nail. Cutting them leaves you vulnerable to infection. The Granny Mouse Spa technicians will care for your cuticles during your treatment.
  1. Leave the length: Depending on the treatment request, the advice would be different. For example, if one should require a French paint or intricate nail art design, then the nails would need length. The team at Granny Mouse Spa consult each client before performing the requested treatment and explain after care procedures.
  2. Give them a break! Nails should be allowed to breathe every so often between treatments to reduce harm to the nail and nail bed.
  1. Home maintenance: It is best to ensure post nail care between appointments. Use a good quality moisturiser on your nails and ensure to rub this in to your cuticles. #HealthyNailTips

To book your next treatment at Granny Mouse Spa contact 033 234 4071.

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