Bringing the outdoors in this summer with tips for kitchen greenery!

Granny Mouse Country House & Spa prides itself on a number of attributes, but one important feature of Granny Mouse is its luscious and green gardens all year round which are maintained by Head Gardener, Mark Robson.

For Robson as well as many other green fingers, summer tends to be the most pleasing season to be in the garden. The captivating fresh scents and warm sunshine on an early summer morning make this time of a summer’s day the perfect period to plant some new additions to your flower bed or turn some soil or even prune or water your seedlings.

For others, the luxury of having a garden to work in is not an option – due to living arrangements and even location; however Robson believes that there is still hope, and offers a handy craft project for bringing the outdoors in, with a kitchen garden using a glass planter for herbs, flowers or vegetables.

What you will need:

  • Wood – can be a cut off from a pallet or recycled chopping board.
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint/ spray paint or varnish
  • 3 x Glass jars – they can be recycled mayonnaise, gherkin or beetroot jars, jam jars and even large purity jars – with labels and glue removed.
  • Potting soil
  • Your selection of herbs/vegetables/flowers from your nursery.
  • Stones
  • 3x Large adjustable pipe clamps from a hardware store
  • Nails
  • Picture handing hooks with extended hook or straight hook so the wood can be slipped on.
  • A hammer
  • A ruler
  • A drill

How to:

  1. Robson suggests that you start by lightly sanding down your wood and measuring two holes evenly in the middle to be drilled. These holes will be used to hang up the planter. He also adds that it is best to place the clamps in position along the wood and pencil in where the holes need to be drilled.
  1. Drill the holes
  1. Then apply paint or varnish to the wood and allow to dry.
  1. When dry, screw in a nail to the pipe clamp and secure onto the wooden board.
  1. For the planter – get your glass jars ready and fill with stones or decorative glass beads or similar to act as a drainage for the soil. Then add in the soil and slip in the herbs, flowers or vegetables with roots still attached.
  1. Attach the glass jars to the pipe clamp and using the hammer, secure the picture hanging hooks to the wall and slip the wood on. The end product will be your very own little indoor garden.

Robson adds, “Vegetables that are great for indoor growth include cherry tomatoes and even lettuce and peppers. Plus herbs are the most popular so take your pick of growing Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Chives, Rosemary, Mint and even Lavender, but remember that many of these plants need well-draining soil, which means you will need to ensure you add stones to the bottom of the soil and of course water regularly. Check if the top of the soil is dry which is an indication that your plant needs water”.

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