Granny Mouse Spa gives hope!

As part of their community upliftment initiative, Granny Mouse Country House & Spa recently invited 10 young ladies from the Lily of the Valley Children’s Village, coordinated by Nicola Basset and Spa Manager Liza Williams, to spend a day at the Spa as an opportunity for them to learn about the skills, qualifications and personal qualities needed as well as challenges and highlights of the Beauty Therapy career. The aim of the planned outing was for the girls to also get a glimpse of what it would be like to work in a Spa environment as well as motivate them to have dreams and plans for their future.

This visit formed part of an initiative by Lily of the Valley Children’s Village, an orphanage in Eston, who are developing an exit program for a group of young adults living at the home that aims to holistically equip them for the life skills needed for life outside of the orphanage when they have completed formal schooling. Due to a large number of these girls expressing interest in exploring a career in Beauty Therapy and the Hospitality industry, Granny Mouse seemed a great place to start, as the ladies have had very little exposure to these work environments previously and the visit assisted them in their decision making process.

After the ladies arrived and had been welcomed, each Granny Mouse Spa therapist did a short speech on how they started in the industry and how they have grown since then. A questions and answers session was then held and then each lady was taken on a tour of the Spa. To end it all off, each girls received a funky nail varnish and gift to take home with them.

Overall the day was a success and the ladies left feeling happy, smiling and motivated.

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